Tuition Testimonials

"I had a very enjoyable and informative day out with Garry. Due to less than perfect weather conditions, the other 3 people booked on the course decided to cancel, but as I had travelled some distance Garry was ready and willing to run the course just for me! He was very flexible - again because of the weather we didn't do the planned walk but instead jumped into the car and went in search of places that looked a bit brighter (or less grey!). We covered a lot of ground, both in terms of miles driven and in terms of the amount of theory that Garry went through - in an accessible way that didn't blind me with technology as it quickly became apparent that I don't operate at the forefront of modern technology! We took frequent stops out of the car to walk around and photograph the scenery and the flora and fauna (you might have seen) Garry's recent posts of a little butterfly and a calf) and I had ample opportunity to practise the different f stops and shutter speeds.


Garry was also very "hands-on" with my camera, showing me how to change the settings (I won't say how long I'd had the camera and not worked this out for myself!) and amending one or two of the menu options. Garry had an in-depth knowledge of the Derbyshire roads, so we found quiet country lanes unfrequented by any other traffic, which meant we could stop easily and frequently and saw some fabulous wildlife - including a couple of young stoats that tumbled in and out of the grass verges in front of us.  The hours flew by and we were suddenly overdue at the pub for a late lunch - very delicious - and then we had plenty of time in Garry's studio for him to explain the workings of “Lightroom" and to make some amendments to some of the pictures I had taken.


Garry is certainly not a clock-watcher and he gave freely of his time, finishing around 8pm only because I had friends waiting for me in the pub! I highly recommend this course - as both enlightening and enjoyable.

Thank you Garry!"

Nicky Handcock

"Well..... "What a great day”.  That sort of sums up the whole day and it was said by everyone that we met on Sunday. We waited outside the shop and right on time Garry was there to greet us...We all were on the same journey, having non to a little bit of knowledge about our cameras and all of us admitting that we mess about with the settings on the cameras but didn't really know what to do and why.  All I can say is that a day out with Garry will without doubt set you onto the right road!! We all agreed by the end of the day that Garry, in his beautifully relaxed manner had guided us all through the settings on our cameras and made sure that we understood the benefits of using manual setting and showed us to look at the landscape with a completely different eye. Not only that, within the price you get a meal and a drink back at the local and then a critique of all the images you have taken with Garry giving a very informative tuition on Adobe Lightroom.


It’s extremely rare to find someone that gives more to a service and experience than Garry... 5 stars+.

If you are reading this and are a little, "should I or shouldn't I" I would say book him now, grab your camera and go!!"

Ian Lester

"Had a great day with Garry and four other aspiring photographers. Garry has a wonderful relaxed way of communicating putting everyone at ease no matter what their ability.  I learned a great deal about setting up the camera, composition, use of the light and processing the photos to get the best out of them (wish I could remember more of that though). All done in beautiful surroundings made even better as we were very fortunate with the weather.   Could not recommend this highly enough.

Thank you Garry"

Gary Beswick

"Thanks Garry, I really enjoyed today and the whole group was great. A perfect day was matched by your easy to understand tutorials and assistance. I would highly recommend it to anybody considering the course."

Ed Bridge

"Thank you Garry for an excellent day, made even better that it was just with my son and I! As a complete novice it was a lot to take in, but I have come away with a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to get out again with my camera once I get home (Northamptonshire!). Was certainly well worth the mileage  With lunch included as well, I would highly recommend this day to anyone wanting to either further their knowledge, or a complete beginner like me, together with extra tuition on Lightroom bringing your pictures to life at the end."

Karen Smith

"Me and my dad have just got back from a 1 to 1 session (well 2 to 1 if you want to be accurate) with Garry.  We have spent the whole day out with the cameras in both very challenging and great light conditions. Garry is an excellent tutor and very talented photographer and I would definitely recommend one of his sessions."

Jake Ewing

"I normally don't post reviews either on Facebook, Trip Advisor or elsewhere, however following an excellent day yesterday spent on a Landscape Tuition Photography Course in the company of Gary I felt compelled to write a review of the day.   The day was spent in and around Hayfield, taking in local landmarks such as Twenty Trees, Shooting Cabins and Lantern Pike, and views such as Kinder Downfall, South Head and Mount Famine.


The tuition from Garry was excellent throughout the day, for someone like me who has never felt comfortable using Raw manual settings on my digital SLR, his knowledge and relaxed style of tuition made this all so easy, we were all given the time and Garry's patience made it easy to ask even the most simple questions without ever feeling out of your depth.


His knowledge of not only of taking pictures, using the natural light to take the best possible pictures, but else the knowledge of the area made you look at the landscape and sky in a whole different light.  The day was rounded off by an afternoon meal, with the chance to chat about the day, but it was followed by a session on using Adobe Lightroom and how to take your photographs to a whole new level of quality.  So anyone, at any level, who wants an excellent informal but wholly enjoyable and very reasonable priced course, I could not recommend Garry's Landscape course more highly enough. Thanks Garry"

Bob Heaps

"I did a day's photography with Garry on 25th September (sorry it's taken so long to do the review). I found the day to be fun, very instructive and has helped me (a complete novice) to understand a little more what my camera can do. I particularly enjoyed seeing what could be done with Lightroom, as I'm always disappointed that my photos aren't how I remember the scene. Garry is very enthusiastic about photography and this translates to his day course. Really enjoyed it. Would love to repeat in future. Thanks Garry."

Julie Anne Stead

"We spent a great day out with Garry last Sunday exploring the most beautiful places and learning about landscape photography.  As a complete novice (I didn't even know how to remove the lens cap) I've now got the basics and the confidence to take this up. I've even been out since taking more photos. Garry is a great photographer and tutor - this course is well worth doing and it's a fab day out. Check out the gallery and website - some lovely artwork and gifts for all occasions - let's support local business!"

Jayne Marshall

"You can read photography books, magazines, webpages and watch YouTube Videos but believe me I have learnt more about photography the camera I use and the setting needed to shoot amazing images from Garry in just 1 days tuition than trying to teach myself.


I can now use fully manual setting with an understanding of exposure - just look at the images of our day that Garry has posted.  The day's itinerary was spot on taking us to some secret locations in and around 20 trees & the lantern pike then arriving back in the pack horse pub for some excellent grub. Following on from lunch we were introduced to Lightroom CC where we were shown some slight editing to our RAW files (unbelievable)

The tuition day is very good value for money, anyone wanting to learn more about photography would benefit from one of Garry's tuition days. Great day. Many thanks Steve"

Stephen Williams

"After waiting for what seemed like an age for the right weather conditions, I finally got my day out with Garry. We met at his gallery where he has many excellent pictures to inspire you. As the weather looked promising we dived in the car and set off to the Hope valley, an area I had not explored with a camera. Once we started taking pictures Garry showed me the benefits of using manual settings on a DSLR and throughout the day helped me with my focusing point, to obtain the correct depth of field. We had a good meal back at the Packhorse in Hayfield, after which we went into Garry’s studio to look at the benefits of Lightroom. Here Garry managed to convince me that a lot of the time you do not need to use neutral density filters, only a polariser. He then went on to critique some of my photographs, which was a very useful exercise. It was a very enjoyable day, during which I learnt a lot. Garry is very easy to get on with and I would highly recommend a one to one day to further your photography.


Dad doesn't say much very often but he's talked about this a lot since. He thoroughly enjoyed himself. Hopefully he'll be back for more advice if I can save enough in time for Christmas for another voucher. Thank you."

Anthony Drake

"I would just like to say a huge thanks to Garry for the excellent photo workshop exploring his approach to landscape photography. Its a fantastic day I would recommend as it was interesting to see the whole process, from taking the photos to processing the images ready for print, something that is not offered by many photographers. His excellent knowledge of the area and his passion for photography really comes across and the session was pitched at a really good level. I have gained some really good advice on equipment and software and seen beautiful scenery that I will definitely be returning to for further photos"

Cath Stanley

"Yesterday I spent a bright but cold, windy day with Garry around the Goyt Valley and Surrounding areas on one of his tuition days. It was brilliant. His enthusiastic but laid back, knowledgable manner helped me get to grips with my photography. Starting with camera techniques in the morning followed by an in depth Lightroom session after lunch. I have been taking photographs for a few years now but needed to get to grips with Lightroom in particular.

He certainly knows his stuff and I have been given the knowledge to post process my images to perfection.

Cheers Garry. It was brilliant. Steve."

Stephen Lea

"I've admired Garry Lomas' photography for some time now. Walking past his gallery in Hayfield usually entails staring longingly at the breathtaking landscape images he makes into large canvas prints for sale. They really are something to behold and I've often wished I had a fraction of his ability. So when Garry announced that he was putting together some photography tuition days I asked a couple of mates and we were in.


The course started with a warm welcome and a nice cup of coffee at the Pack Horse pub at 9.30am. Garry asked each of us our experiences with photography and what we would like from the day. I think this was to ascertain our skill and expectation levels so he could gauge the tuition to suit. A great start.  We then headed out into the glorious May sunshine and on to the iconic walkers route up the snake path towards Kinder Scout. Nothing too strenuous though. Chatting as we walked, we held a sedate pace for 20 minutes until stopping at the local landmark of Twenty Trees for our first photographic study. One of my big stumbling blocks with using an SLR is having to work out manual settings. I made Garry quite aware that I have always been lazy and use auto for simplicity. I really wanted to get a grips with 'Manual' and that is what he expertly did and you know what he opened my eyes to a new world of possibilities. It is not that difficult, especially with Garry's enthusiasm to guide you through.  We spent a good few hours strolling around the beautiful landscape, taking shots and listening to Garry's advice on focal points and framing images as well how to use and deal with light. It was as if a door had been opened to a new world.  The scenery around Hayfield is quite stunning and we walked a good few miles so we were all ravenously hungry when we got back to the Pack Horse. Luckily Garry includes a meal and drink in the tuition package and we weren't disappointed. The pies and home cooked chips in the Pack Horse are a local legend and very welcome.

As we tucked in to our dinner, Garry chatted about the day and went through some of points again. Once we'd finished we headed upstairs to private function room where Garry had an edit suite set up with Adobe Lightroom. This is an invaluable piece of software for any amateur right up to professional photographers. Garry methodically went through the essentials of this amazing software. Our jaws dropped at it's ability to transform what seemed like dull and lifeless shots into vibrant and eye catching images with just a few tweaks. It really is stunning and Garry made it seem very easy. To finish the day off perfectly, Garry asked us to select our favourite shots for him to convert onto a canvas for us to take home. A lovely touch and included in the very reasonable price.


All in all a fantastic day with a very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly tutor. Well recommended for any level of ability."

Brian Knott

"A great day walking in beautiful scenery on a glorious spring day. Garry is an excellent tutor and is very generous, both with his time and expertise - I learnt so much, both in terms of camera technique and photo editing. I can thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level. Thanks, Garry!"

Geoff Roberts

"Spent a great day out with Garry Lomas on Sunday in and around Hayfield. If you want to get to know your camera and how to use it properly then spend a day out with Garry. He has a relaxed style of teaching you some good techniques and goes along at your own pace, answering your questions in language that you can relate to.  There is no pressure and the day flew by, once the field work is done you head to the pub for a welcome drink and some food followed by a session processing your images in Adobes Lightroom.  It was lovely to immerse yourself in photographing the stunning landscape in the hills around Hayfield. I would highly recommend it."

Ian Hinde

"Great day out around the Goyt Valley with Garry, and it turns out that I can create some pretty good landscape work without too much tuition and just a bit of tweaking in Lightroom. Thanks for not making me walk, Garry!"

Warren Kaye

"Garry took me on a photography tuition session today up Lantern Pike. I learnt some great tips and really enjoyed his company in the beautiful countryside. Really recommend it for anyone wanting to learn from a person who really knows how to get great photos."

Tom Broadbent

"An excellent day, very informative and relaxed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who Is new to photography.

I now have more confidence using mine on the manual setting and I now look forward to using Lightroom. Thank you Garry"

Clare Beswick

"Grace, my 12 year old daughter and I spent a great afternoon with Gary around Derwent Reservoir.  Garry’s easy going style put Grace at ease. She found his tuition both informative and inspiring.  Thanks very much for a worthwhile afternoon. Highly recommended."


"Great day's photography tuition - finally know how to properly use the SLR and Lightroom. Cheers Garry!"

Chris Smith

"Great day out with Garry, very informative"

Ian Tomlinson