Winnat's Pass Temperature Inversion Sunrise Print

This has to be the best temperature inversion I’ve even seen. To my surprise, there was only one other photographer when I arrived, to whom I got chatting to and was a thoroughly great chap! He stuck his ground and stayed in one spot, but I couldn’t help myself wanting to capture this inversion from a few different perspectives. The inversion was so thick and heavy, it really felt like you were above the clouds. From this position, it kept creeping up through Winnat’s Pass - then dissipating and the road was clear again. Here I’ve captured it as it is just starting to move up the road. A truly fantastic experience and when I left after 4 hours, at around 8:30am, the inversion was still just as thick as was when I arrived, which is unusual as when the sun rises it will burn it out.

Winnat's Pass Temperature Inversion Sunrise

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