Castlerigg Sunrise Keswick

Castlerigg sunrise keswick lake district
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I won’t forget this sunrise in a hurry!  I arrived at Castlerigg which is just outside Keswick in the Lake District just before the sunrise.  Fortunately, the very short walk from the road to the stone circle.  I knew my composition, but I wasn’t expecting there to be lambs playing on the stones. The problem I faced with the lambs is that at least one of them would always be moving. I would normally take a shot like this using a slow shutter speed with a low ISO and narrow aperture for good depth of field. But for me to capture the lambs as well, I needed to increase the shutter speed as much as I could to have nay hope of catching the lambs still and not being blurry. I opened my aperture from f/11 to f/8 and increased my ISO from the usual 50 to 2000, which gave me a shutter speed of 1/60. Most of the shots I took didn’t quite capture the sheep completely still except for this one. I’m really pleased how the shot came out and having the lambs there really adds an extra warmth to it.

Castlerigg Sunrise No 1

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