Lomas and Lomas Gallery Now Open August 2015

On the 8th August 2015 myself & my wife Sharon opened our brand new gallery space in Hayfield. The gallery encompasses my photography and our Lomas & Lomas interior range of cushions, lampshades & candles.

In addition we have guest craft makers such as The Thomas-Coles, The Magpies Daughter, Vinegar & Brown Paper and local crafts person & fundraiser Michelle Jones. We will also be inviting other photographers and craft makers to showcase their work periodically. Everything is for sale at very reasonable prices. 
I print all of my own work and stretch my own canvases therefore I can offer my work at much more affordable prices than most other photographers can afford to.

So far, the feedback has been amazing from both the locals of Hayfield and surrounding areas as well as tourists which we get a lot of in Hayfield being at the foot of Kinder Scout on the edge of the Peak District.

All of our designs for the lampshades & cushions stem from my photography.  Here you can see my wife Sharon making up one of our Heron lampshades. Using Photoshop I have cut out the Heron from the background and then duplicated it at alternate sizes and also mirroring the smaller ones from the larger ones. In addition I converted the Heron to greyscale (black & white) but kept the yellow in the eye, this is referred to as colour popping or spot colour.